LifeCity Church Canberra - Our DNA

Our Mission

"Building a dynamic City Church with Global Reach"

Our Key Purposes

LifeCity Church Canberra exists to...

Engage our community as Christ would, reaching out with his love, purpose and destiny

to see people Established in the life of the church, 

to Enable them as passionate people dedicated to living God focused lives, seeking first God and his kingdom

 to see them Encounter God in all areas of their lives.

and to Expand the Kingdom of God through Church Planting and Mission Initiatives locally, nationally and Globally

What We Value - Key Values

The Harvest - Global Reach

We will always have the 'prime directive' being the 'Great Commission' (Matthew 28:18-20) and 'Great Vision' (Revelations 7:9 - 12) at heart. We intensely value the 'harvest of the world'; we are built on the premise that we are to go to the 'ends of the earth' spreading the gospel. Many churches become maintenance churches; LifeCity Church Canberra will always be about the harvest. We are about mission.

Dynamic Spirituality

So often the church becomes 'excellent' in its presentation but nominal in its spiritual vitality and dependence on God, his gifts, prayer and worship. We desire to create an environment of relevance to people, coupled with dynamic spirituality in every sphere of life.

Excellence of spirit and craft

We seek first to have an excellent spirit (Daniel 6) and have excellence as our continual goal - and from this let everything we do grow. It is better to do a limited amount of things well, and grow rather than many things badly, and implode.


Often the church has become a place of fantastic plastic people. God is into integrity. It is amazing how powerful communities of faith are, when people are real, honest, and genuine and do not cloak themselves in a thin veneer of fake respectability. We seek to cultivate a community of believers that are real in life, are 'real' as people and know God as He is and not as they would sometimes have him be.


We serve a creative God and are made in his image. We seek to relate the Bible's message in modern creative ways, allowing it to be easily understood and applied. We also seek to present the life and culture of the church in every facet from corporate services to small groups and outreach, in creative, original, and expressive ways.

The Word of God

The importance of God's word cannot be understated. It guides us, reveals the heart and will of God and cuts down to the very heart and motives of man. In an age of increased information accessibility, biblical illiteracy is high, as is the attack on the word. (Psalms 119:105, Hebrews 4:12, 1 Timothy 4:13 -16, 2 Tim 3:16 - 17)

Body Ministry

We value the dynamic potential in every person. God has gifted each uniquely as part of the body of Christ. As such this affects also our leadership in its prime function to act as 'equippers' rather than exclusively the 'ministers' (Ephesians 4)


We value 'koinonia', true fellowship; we are built on relationship, with God, his church and the world. The church is firstly the family of God. We wish to see people identify Life City Church as unique, in that it will clearly look like a family even from the outside, not simply a structure holding Christians. We seek to change the impression of Christians in the general world view from irrelevant people of a bygone era to passionate, powerful, and caring people of God that impact the world.

Our Locations


Service Time: Sun - 10:27am Location: 35 East Row, Canberra City

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Service Time: Sun - 9:27am Location: 141 O'Halloran Cct, Kambah

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Service Time: Prelaunch Location: (tbc)

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Service Time: Sun - 5:57am Location: 35 East Row, Canberra City

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Service Time: Prelaunch Location: (tbc)

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GenLife / Uni

Service Time: Facebook for details Location: ANU, UC

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