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It might sound obvious but we want God to lead LifeCity Church, we desire to be a Spirit Led community, founded on God's word and focused on Jesus. Such a statement can sound somewhat a given but that stated reality shapes our understanding and direction as a Church. Our key leadership team positions are those who shoulder the primary responsibility to seek God, to understand where he is leading us and to help bring the whole community on that journey.

// Lead Pastor

Our Lead Pastor is Josh Reading. With his wife, Angela Reading they started LifeCity Church and continue to lead us into the call upon our community.

As a couple they have a particular passion to see people released into their God given calls, to see people love the Church and Kingdom of God as Christ does and to see the church on earth as it is seen in Revelations 7:9-12 - a church of diversity, passion, and unity.

With four children, 2 boys (Joel and Isaiah) and 2 girls (Aysha and Zoe) it is also on their hearts to see a Church where young people are not simply 'the Church of tomorrow' but the church of today.

Key Team

At LifeCity we call our 'Overseers' the key team and it is made up of our Senior Leader - Josh, the Gathering Leaders and Focus Team Leaders. This team also serves to oversight our 'Expand' Focus. 

Core Teams

Our Core teams are those that serve in Leadership responsibility over the many initiatives and communities within LifeCity Church. These are broken up into our Five Key focuses - Engage (Evangelism) Establish (Pastoral), Enable (Teaching), Encounter (Prophetic). Each of these are led by a specific Leader across LifeCity Church who is part of our Key team.

// Team Leadership

Leadership is not something carried alone and a narrow focus on a specific Leadership Gifting is also ultimately not healthy for the Church. LifeCity Church also does not see itself simply a single cell community but rather one that is called to rise as a movement of communities and believers engaged with the called of God in every context of their lives. This environment and belief spurs us to see a Church that multiples and diversifies it's leadership giftings and strength. 

// Gathering Leadership

Our specific Sunday Gatherings are lead by different local Pastors and teams, our heart is that our unified strength can enable us to diversify and extend the kingdom. 

// Every Believer in a Minister

The key role of Leadership scripturally is not to be 'ministers' to a group of spectators but rather equippers of the saints for ministry (Eph 4:11 - 12) releasing each person and the community into God's design for our lives individually and as a community. LifeCity Church has a limited 'paid Church staff' but has a community of ministers (some of whom are specifically leaders) that are called to bring the Gospel to a world without the Saviour.

We invite you to check out LifeCity, find out if you are called to this community and call and step into the unique role that God has called you to

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