Ministries of LifeCity Church


At LifeCity we love kids. They are not simply the church of tomorrow but the church of today. We do not believe that church is simply to be the domain of the twenty plus adult, but the playground of spiritual discovery for our future.


LifeCity//Youth is all about seeing our Youth raised and released to walk in everything God has for them. LifeCity//Youth is presently focused primarily as a 10 - 14 yr olds group though as LifeCity is generally a fairly young Church there are other activities / groups that older teens can participate in.

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//GenLife (University and Young Adults Community)

GenLife is the LifeCity Church Uni and Young Adults Community. Our North gathering is only a block or two from the University of Canberra in Kaleen, our evening gathering meets near ANU @ TheLoft at the Civic Bus Interchange so if you are at ANU, it is a breeze to get to. 

As a young church there is a lot of overlap in what we do. We run small groups, social activities and getting involved with community service (such as Redfrogs) in the Universities around Canberra. If you are at any of the tertiary institutions drop us a line. You should also see us at the Open Day and around the Uni.



FamilyLIFE is the community of families within the community of LifeCity Church. Often it is difficult to get out with the kids or connect as much due to the constant counting of heads, wondering where the boys have gone and what they might have broken. A lot changes with the demands of parenthood and families but community need not.

Running regular fun social events for the family, equipping events for Parenting and more //FamilyLIFE is all about seeing God glorified and his kingdom extended in and through our journey's (whilst having alot of fun along the way)

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//Radiance Women

Radiance runs social events and special events for our women. Also there is a weekly mum's group.

Radiance Women on facebook

Radiance Mum's and Bub's


At LifeCity Church Canberra we love music because it is the language of the soul. We love being creative because that is the way we have been crafted. If you are a musician, singer, dancer or techie (both sound or visual media) or artist in any area we would love you to get involved.

//Life Communities

(Small Groups)

We love hanging out and being a true community of faith. Our small groups (Life Communities) are more about doing life together than doctrinal dissertation. We explore together God's word and its impact and implications in our lives. We hang out in many places, from homes and Universities, to cafes and restaurants. Any place for people is a place for Life Communities.

Life Communities are focussed around four key values that determine the way we operate but also give room for expression in each group to adapt, innovate and be specific to the area they are in.

These being:

1. Biblically Focussed - each group generally follows the sermon theme unpackaging what we are going through as a Church. This allows for more discussion and application from what is being taught.
2. Relationally Focussed - we are about doing 'life together', creating friendships and true community. We are focussed on connecting, having fun and sticking together through good times and bad

3. Spiritually Focussed - so often we create depth in relationships, study the word but the spiritual vitality in our lives become shallow. Specific prayer, fasting and other spiritual disciplines are encouraged in the life of each community.
4. Missionally Focussed - we believe that community is only truly biblical when it ultimately has an external focus. When we receive from God is should be virtually impossible to hold back our gratitude and excitement in serving others in word and deed. 

5. Globally Focused - each group adopts one of our key mission focuses in prayer and stewardship. 

We pray together, laugh together and sometimes, dare I say it, even cry together (but not normally in the blokes groups unless it's at paintball or when my football team loses the grand-final).


During the year there are more systematic courses from basic theology (Elemental) onward to life courses such as 'The Marriage Course'. 

We will soon be launching a new site to resource people in their journey to maturity and effectiveness in Christ.

//Global Reach

Our heart is to see the great commission and great vision (Rev 7:9-12) come to fruition. Our heart is for the least and the most unreached.

As part of such we are launching a new site with stories from people from all backgrounds that have come to trust Christ and his gift of salvation provided through his death and resurrection on the cross. You can check that out at

Our Locations


Service Time: Sun - 10:27am Location: 35 East Row, Canberra City

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Service Time: Sun - 9:27am Location: 141 O'Halloran Cct, Kambah

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Service Time: Prelaunch Location: (tbc)

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Service Time: Sun - 5:57am Location: 35 East Row, Canberra City

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GenLife / Uni

Service Time: Facebook for details Location: ANU, UC

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