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生命树 (Tree of Life)


Do you speak mandarin Chinese? Do you want to practise your English? Or are you looking for a safe place to explore Christianity? Come along to our Chinese Life Community - 生命树 (Tree of Life) – and do life together! We are NOT JUST a group of mandarin speaking people; we ARE a family who Explore God’s word together, Enjoy festivals together, Eat together and Encourage each other. Looking forward to have you as part of our growing Tree of Life 


你说的语言是中文么?你希望练习提高你的英文么?又或者你希望在一个像家一样温馨的地方知晓基督教?欢迎你来参与我们的生命树集会,和我们一起体验生命的意义。我们不单是说中文的人们,我们更是一个家庭一起体会上帝的智慧语言;一起庆祝节日,一起聚餐,一起相互鼓励。希望也能看到你,成为我们的一员 

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