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Frequently Asked Questions




Why a New Church in Queanbeyan?


If Church is just a service for Christians, then it is true we do not need anymore Churches. However Church is not just a service for Christians, it is a community of believers on mission to spread the good news of Jesus.


Firstly, Historically and practically, the best way to continue the mission of God for his Church is to start new communities of believers that are intent on being different, active in the community and about mission as the fore front of everything we do. 


It has been said that starting new Churches "is the single most effective methodology under heaven" (Peter Wagner)

Queanbeyan is a growing diverse City and region and we believe that LifeCity Church //Queanbeyan can be a great addition to the wider Church in the region. 



Secondly, LifeCity Church //Quenbeyan already exists, in that there are people in the LifeCity Church community that presently travel to Canberra that call Queanbeyan home and love it. 


This initiative simply allows them to come together as a community on mission for this City. 


I have not been to Church, am I welcome? or I am Catholic/Buddhist etc :)


Of course, Church is not about 'getting it all' or having a background. It is about seeking God and his will with others that will encourage and equip you to be what God has called you to be. People that call LifeCity Church home or are simply seeking come from many backgrounds, you are certainly welcome.


What is there for Kids/Youth?


At LifeCity Church Sundays we run a great kids program, "Planet Life" run by people passionate about seeing your kids thrive in their faith. Additionally, it is important to note, that our desire is not just to use Kids Ministry as the time when our Children learn about God and life but we take a particular interest in helping Parents disciple their children. Our Kids Ministry Director is KL Ho and we would love to introduce you some time. 


Our present Program for Kids Ministry is called "Faith Case - Extraordinary A.C.T.S" which is an interactive Media and Activity driven program to help kids see  their call through the word in the book of Acts. Positively, there are also activities you can do with your kids through the week, simply by logging onto Faith Case with a code your kids will be given at Planet Life.


We also have a Youth Group - simply called LifeCity//Youth that meets weekly. At present it meets in Civic on fridays at our City venue, The Loft. We are keen  to launch a Queanbeyan based Youth Ministry but also find that Youth love to go and hang out with other teens. In a smaller context this gives them a better  breadth of connections.


Why only fortnightly services?


There will be gatherings each Sunday but only fortnightly 'Church services' in the standard sense. The reason for this is two fold. The first is that it allows us to establish our community without the constant pressure of weekly services, Secondly, and this is most important, on 'off weeks' the community will still meet but will have BBQ's & Social events, serve in the Community & run events to tell people about the love of God. We actually believe that this format will help you and if  you have a family, your whole family to see the beauty in the Church being a community on mission rather than simply as gathering we all attend. 


What else goes on?


LifeCity Church is particularly keen on 'being where people are'. That is the very nature of community. As such we have 'Life Communities' which are our community based small groups that focus on building dynamic effective believers on mission.

There are also numerous mission focused activities both local and global, however we are keen as much as possible to be a community that is 'always on mission' rather than one that centres mission around programs. That said, we have formal initiatives around the region such as "Pedals for People", which gives bikes to Refugees and Newly arrived immigrants that struggle with transport, Chinese Alpha, LifeFEST in the Park (which is when we, sometimes in conjunction with other Churches run free festivals or events for the wider community,  'Engage Sundays where the whole Church serves in the Community' University outreaches and more. 


Who are the Pastors/Leaders?


The Senior Leaders over LifeCity Church in the Canberra region as a whole is Josh and Ange Reading, however we believe in broader diverse teams reflecting giftings, experience and particular passions and contexts. As such, LifeCity Church in Queanbeyan is led by two couples, Kade and Rachel Klemke and Josh and Hazel Brown. 


Why multiple Churches? 


Churches, like any family or community come in all shapes and forms. We don't suppose our shape to be the 'only' expression but also believe that the multiple congregational model is Biblically, historically and practically consistent (traditional Churches simply call it a Parish). For us, in our call we believe God has directed us to be "//ONE church expressing itself in multiplying community based and focused Churches". This shape allows us to better connect with and reach local communities, to create room for Leaders to rise and put community and mission at the forefront of our call. 


What denomination/Movement are you part of?


The immediate family or network of Churches we are is the 'Australian Christian Churches' (which is the Assemblies of God in Australia). The ACC is a movement of Churches of all sorts of sizes and expressions from huge mega Churches to small local Churches each doing their part to live for Christ as communities. People from LifeCity Church are from many backgrounds and it is our diversity that brings strength to who we are. ACC maybe our immediate family but we love our extended family in the whole Church as well.


For more about us, you can download a 'Welcome to  LifeCity Church' pack here which explains alot of our backgrounds, Vision and strategy. 


I have other Questions


Just send your question through the Contact option below :)


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