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Moving is often daunting but full of opportunity. We love the Capital region, it's people and God's plan for it and we believe you can also. We love our region, with great access to parks, educational institutions, recreational opportunities and community amenities.  


Also check out the Queanbeyan Councils 'New Residents Guide'


Through the year we are blessed with great community and nationally significant events and festivals, there is always something on. 


Below is our simple Guide to Surviving and Thriving in Canberra, it also has key links that can help you. Feel free to email us if you have any questions.




For more information on LifeCity Church//Canberra & Queanbeyan as a whole and/or our different congregations around Canberra and Queanbeyan checkout our 'I'm New here' page.


You can also find us on facebook at




As a fairly transient region, accommodation in the Canberra & Queanbeyan region can be expensive compared to many other areas but there are options to help you settle and find the right place in Canberra. 


For those looking for a family home or apartment the best option is to look at, containing search functions that can narrow down the possibilities. 


For those looking for a share option, allhomes can be helpful also. You can also checkout our own 'Christian Accommodation Canberra' facebook page and blog postwhere you can post needs and availabilities.




For those coming to Canberra for University or Tertiary education we have some of the best educational institutions not only in Australia but the world. At LIFECITY CHURCH we also have GenLife, which is our Uni and Young Adults Community to connect in. 


For kids, one can choose between private and public schooling systems with Canberra's schooling being recognised as Australia's best.


For a thorough view into Canberra's schooling option you can learn more at NSW Public Schools, the Catholic Education Office or the Association of Independent Schools (largely Christian schools) 




Canberra is easy to get around once you have adjusted to to planned nature of Canberra. Traffic flows are good and much better than most Cities, even of similar size.  Public Transport is not as thorough as many major Cities but is reliable once schedules are understood.


For more information you can find it on ACTION BUS SERVICE (Canberra) or Deans Bus lines, Taxis are also readily available but can be expensive.   


For interstate and regional bus travel, check out the MURRAYS or GREYHOUND websites. There are also great bike and walking paths around Canberra to explore.  




Particularly for those new to Australia, the mobile (or Cell Phone) options can be most confusing. Most mobile phone plans offer you a minimum spend price (eg. $29, $49, etc.) and come bundled with a certain amount of credit. You can sign up to pre or post paid options.


The most popular providers are Vodafone, Virgin, Optus and Telstra. Internet plans also use similar plan structures with pre or post paid options for different data limits and speeds. We do recommend chatting to us before signing up to a deal as some are significant over priced. 




Canberra has great food from all over the world. Each town centre offers different opportunities, with popular spots around Dickson in the inner North and in the City centre.  To help you start out check out 'Out in Canberra'.


In regards to supermarkets, each town centre has a number of larger shopping centres with smaller local shops in suburban areas. Different Supermarkets exist including Woolworths, Coles, Aldi's (cheaper option) and Costco (american bulk buying)   




Canberra is a quieter City than some are akin to but we love the cultural opportunities, amazing parks, easy access to both the mountains and the coast, live music and great cafes. We are also blessed to have some of Australia's finest galleries, libraries and special attractions. There is also alot for the family with great parks, and attractions that the kids will love.




Create Your Future - General site about 'Living in Canberra' 

Visit Canberra - general tourist oriented information on Canberra

Canberra Connect - this group handles all government services issues - they have 'Canberra Connect Shop Fronts in town centres

ACT Department of Education and Training - Public Schools and Education 

Public Transport - ACTION Buses


Out in Canberra - Wondering where to eat?


Canberra Mums - Connect, find out information to help you


Professional Sports Teams


Canberra Raiders - Rugby League - Play in the National Rugby League

Brumbies Rugby - Rugby Union - Play in the Super 15


Canberra Capitals - Basketball - Play in the Womens National Basketball League

Canberra United - Soccer - Play in the Womens A League 


GWS Giants - Australian Rules Football -  Play in the Australian Football League - a Sydney team that plays some games in Canberra  




If you have any questions, feel free to drop a note with our contact form below. 



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