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Christian Accommodation Canberra (Share/Rental)

With the transient nature of Canberra there is alot of need for share accommodation, especially for singles. If you are new to Canberra / Queanbeyan make sure you check out our "New to Canberra' Page If you need or have accommodation available post your need or availability here, simply post by commenting.

The purpose is to connect Christians with other Christians primarily in share house situations. This service is only to connect people and can not guarantee the character or references of any applicants, all such responsibility lies with the applicant and present tenants/owners. 'Christian Accommodation Canberra' is hosted by LifeCity Church//Canberra but is open all Christians.

You can also post and connect you availability or need on our Christian Accommodation Canberra Facebook page

If you do not have facebook or simply desire to do so, email us by going to our contact page and we will include your availability/need in this post.

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